Video flat rates

We have a flat rate that adapts to all your audiovisual needs.

If you want to unify and improve your communication strategy, our video flat rates are designed to make your life easier.

In an increasingly digital world, the need to produce audiovisual content on a regular basis is becoming more evident. Whether to dynamize and update your social networks or to interact with your customers or employees.

Video is the best tool for your communication strategy. Nowadays, the most consumed content on the Internet is video, thanks to its speed and ease of consumption. Audiovisual content is key to achieve a successful marketing campaign.

Less is more, but "less" does not mean fast and bad.

It is as important to be constant with communications as it is to achieve a solid brand image through attractive videos with a defined aesthetic. You don't need very long videos either, on the contrary, shorter content, less than 3 minutes, is increasingly consumed.

But don't relax, this doesn't mean that because it's a short video "anything goes" and that it can be recorded, for example, by the intern with his or her cell phone camera. We don't deny that it can look good! We don't want to question your cinematographic talent, but maybe it's better to dedicate your time to what you do best: your business. We'll take care of the video.

It is essential to differentiate yourself from the competition by generating professional audiovisual content that generates trust. How many times have you stopped watching a video because it had bad sound, bad lighting or was simply poorly recorded? An amateur video only works in certain circumstances, as in the case of unboxings, where its effectiveness is proven.

The videos you want, when you need them

Many times companies work with tight timelines and the time they have to invest in finding a videographer and requesting a quote makes them finally discard the option of making a video. 

How many videos do you need per month? per quarter? or in a year? We offer you three types of video flat rates so that you can find the one that best suits your company. They are not fixed rates, as we said, we want to make it easy for you! Each company is different, so let's meet, have a coffee and together we will design a customized rate focused on your goals.

Corporate video flat rates

Video rates designed for events, training, product video and internal communication.


If you need to record periodic events or update your e-commerce.
from 400
  • 2 short videos per month
  • 1 half day of shooting
  • 3 months permanence
  • library music


Designed for companies that need videos for internal communication, training and also to promote products and services.
from 900
  • 3 short videos per quarter
  • 2 half-days of shooting
  • permanence of 6 months
  • library music


Ideal for companies that organize several annual events or launch several advertising campaigns throughout the year.
from 1500
  • 4 short videos per year
  • 3 half-days of shooting
  • permanence of 1 year
  • library music

Conditions and characteristics of the service

To give you an idea of what our most basic rateswould include, here is a summary of their main features. We are very flexible, we want to offer you a video rate tailored to your needs. So if you see any condition that does not quite fit you, you want to increase or decrease the number of videos or their duration, include more shooting days, photographs, or anything that crosses your mind, write us.  

* Prices exclude VAT


Videos can be of different types: event summary videos, product promotion or animated graphics videos.


With good planning, in half a day's shooting we can record material to edit several videos.


Changes are limited and are adjusted to each rate.


For the videos that need it, we will advise you in the writing of the script.


All videos include a song from our sound library.


Travel is included only for the city of Barcelona.


We can edit videos with your material and with images from our library.


The edited videos will be delivered on-line. We offer the possibility to deliver all the raw recorded material.

Shall we design your perfect plan?

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